Online Membership Management 

GeocacheAlaska! Inc. uses an online membership management tool through the MemberPlanet website.  This service allows for fully automated membership renewals and allows individual members to view and update their personal and contact information.  All of our financial services are run through our PayPal portal.  Sourdough Members will automatically receive renewal notices via MemberPlanet when their membership is about to expire.  

Sourdough members who have an old subscription set up directly with us on PayPal will need to join us on MemberPlanet to set up a new subscription and then go to your PayPal account to cancel your old subscription so you don’t get charged twice on your next renewal.  If you fail to cancel your old subscription and it processes two payments, we can refund the duplicate charge when we discover it.  If you have joined us on MemberPlanet, but are having problems cancelling your subscription, drop an email to and we’ll take care of it for you. 

Join us on Memberplanet here: 

Sourdough Membership

Anyone can join GeocacheAlaska! Inc. with a free Cheechako membership.  To help support and run our organization, we also offer a paid Sourdough membership level.  For just $20 per year, you can help support the organization and geocaching in Alaska.

Sourdough Benefits

  • Discount code for our online store
  • Fixed discounts at our event store
  • Early notices for new online products
  • Trackable nametag issued first year
  • Members-only Facebook Group 

Golden Ammo Can Awards

GeocacheAlaska! Inc. has a recognition program for cachers who reach certain milestones.  If you meet the award criteria, you may submit a request to receive a Golden Ammo Can award.  

Apply for the Golden Ammo Can by filling out the Google form at the following link: 


Award Criteria:
  • Sourdough Member for at least 2 years and Alaska Resident
  • AND at least one of the following 2 achievements:  
  • (EITHER) 1959 Finds with at least 500 of them in Alaska
  • (OR) Hiding 100 caches 

We also award Badges for the Golden Ammo Can for achieving any of the following: 

  • Event Host
  • Board Member
  • Advocacy Advocate
  • EduVent Presenter
  • CITO Event Host
  • 100 Hides
  • 1959 Finds
  • 10,000 Finds


Frequently Asked Questions

I have been a Sourdough member of GeocacheAlaska! for years with a PayPal subscription for annual renewals.  Do I have to set up a new subscription on MemberPlanet? 

Yes.  Your old PayPal subscription will not transfer into the new MemberPlanet database.  So you will continue to receive overdue payment notifications from MemberPlanet even after your old PayPal subscription is processed.  If your old subscription processes, we can manually log it into MemberPlanet, but then we ask that you set up a new subscription from within MemberPlanet so the process is automated at the next renewal.  You may then cancel the old PayPal subscription, or just drop us an email and we’ll cancel it for you.  

My Sourdough membership is current, but while signing up on MemberPlanet, they want my PayPal information for processing payments.  Will I be charged for a new membership during sign up? 

No.  The PayPal setup will be used for future renewals.  Your current membership expiration was transferred into MemberPlanet from our records when we set up the system.  If you believe there is an error on the expiration date shown in MemberPlanet, please contact us right away and we will strive to fix the issue.  

I signed up as a new Sourdough Member, when will I receive the trackable nametag? 

New name tags are built batch-style on a periodic schedule.  Please allow as much as 6-8 weeks for your nametag to be built and shipped to you.  If you are signing up as a new member and need to have that tag faster (for your planned geocaching vacation), please drop an email to the treasurer account (see below) after you have completed the purchase of your new membership on the MemberPlanet site.  We will do what we can to expedite the build and processing, but realize that it may still take a couple weeks to get this completed.  

Is this all you have for an FAQ section? 

Only for the moment.  This is a new website on a new server at a new domain with a new hosting service.  The Webmaster is working feverishly behind the scenes to update and build new site pages that will convey all of the key information from our old site as well as expand into a much larger site filled with new content.  Our focus will be on expanded educational content related specifically to geocaching in Alaska.  

As new FAQ-worthy membership questions pop up, they will be added to this section.  Please direct all other questions regarding membership status to

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