Permits and Permissions

One of GeocacheAlaska!’s core functions is Advocating for geocaching activities on public lands.  Much of the land in Alaska falls under some level of government management.  Recreational public lands may be managed by city, borough, state, or federal entities.  There are also private lands owned or managed by individuals, businesses, corporations, trusts, and Alaska Native tribal entities.  GeocacheAlaska! Inc. works to try and secure specific permits or permission for individual geocachers to place and find geocaches on various public recreational lands.  


Some land managers require written permits to be applied for and granted for geocaching activity.  When a land use permit is required, it usually comes with specific restrictions and stipulations on its use.  GeocacheAlaska! Inc. has obtained and maintains a blanket geocaching permit for Alaska State Parks through the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation.  

NEW!  Alaska State Parks has issued a new permit effective 2021 through 2025 for specific geocaches within the Alaska State Parks lands.  Please view and read the details of permit 21-KA-4267 before placing any geocache within any Alaska State Park.  A detailed summary of the requirements of this permit will be coming soon.  


Many areas, such as some city parks, public forests, and DNR lands allow geocaching activity by default.  Other areas strictly prohibit geocaching activity.  An up-to-date listing of permits, blanket permissions, restrictions, land boundaries and map files is maintained by GreatLand Reviewer on the regional Alaska geocaching Wiki at the following address. 


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