What is GeocacheAlaska!? 

Alaska’s statewide Geocaching organization


GeocacheAlaska! Inc. was founded in 2009 as a non-profit educational corporation under IRS 501(c)(3) rules.  We are registered in the State of Alaska under tax ID 27-0153140.  Membership dues and any other donations to our organization may be deductible as a charitable contribution on your Federal taxes.  Consult with your tax accountant for details.

GeocacheAlaska! Inc. Mission Statements:

Promote geocaching as an exciting, family-oriented outdoor activity that increases awareness and use of Alaska’s public parks and trail systems.
Provide opportunities for the geocaching community to enjoy geocaching in Alaska and to meet and socialize with other geocachers.
Increase awareness of geocaching issues in Alaska through interaction with other outdoor activity groups, clubs, organizations, and the public.
Educate geocachers on proper geocaching methods and promote stewardship of our natural resources through low impact geocaching activities.
Educate other outdoor enthusiasts and user groups about geocaching.
Represent geocaching interests in public forums and to recreation land managers.
Actively promote the “Cache In – Trash Out” (CITO) program to help in the maintenance of public parks and trail systems and foster good working relationships with land managers.

GeocacheAlaska! Inc.

What do we do? 

We leverage our large group membership into the general areas shown below.  We work to secure blanket permits and permissions from land managers to allow open geocaching activity, provide geocaching education to our members and the public, support and host CITO and Social geocaching events, and we facilitate the designing and then secure the manufacturing of various GeocacheAlaska! and Alaska branded trackable items as well as Pathtags and other general geocaching items, cache containers, and accessories. 

Land Manager Advocacy

Geocaching Education

CITO Event Support

Alaskan Geocoins and Trackables

Social Event Support

Alaskan Pathtags and Geocaching Products

Ready to help support Geocaching in Alaska?  Join GeocacheAlaska! Inc. to promote and support our Advocacy, Education, and Recreation activities!